Dinner Menu

Dinner Feast Fit for Royalty

Have a feast fit for royalty, and enjoy our incredible dinner menu! Shanghai Restaurant welcomes patrons for a night of dining on delicious Chinese food. Our evening specialties will sate even the most discerning of tastes.

After a hearty appetizer of dumplings, spring rolls, or stuffed mushrooms, you have dozens of options for your main course. Why not try our house style spicy beef, or savoury lamb in Szechuan sauce? If you’re in the mood for some poultry, we offer the famous Beijing roast duck, along with many popular chicken dishes.

Our special seafood dishes are a hit among regular customers. Other than the many fish specialties on our menu, we also have the freshest whole king crab, geoduck, and shrimp you will find anywhere. Pre-order and you can even enjoy a mouthwatering lobster dish, masterfully prepared by our chef.

Dine at Shanghai Restaurant, and experience the best of what Chinese cooking has to offer. We are open every day, and dinner starts at 5:00 p.m.


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